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Maintenance Tips

As with any maintenance problem or repair need, contact the office immediately. If you have an after hours emergency, please call or text 541-913-1638

Maintenance Request Form

Your request will be prioritized in regards to urgency of the problem.
All requests will be dealt with in a timely manner.

Note: Unreported water leakage is the major cause of avoidable damage to property. As stated in the rental agreement, if the resident neglects to report water damage, or if the resident causes the damage, we are not responsible for the resident’s property and the resident is responsible for part of the damage caused. Any leak must be reported immediately.

Bathroom/Kitchen Sinks: Leaks

This includes the drainpipe under the sink, p-trap, and tailpipes. Temporary solution: Put a bucket under the leak and mop up any water. Most of the time items stored under the kitchen sink knock the pipes loose. Check under the sink regularly for problems.

Bathroom/Kitchen Sinks: Faucets

This includes the supply lines under sinks, and the hot and cold shut off valves. It is important to keep this area clear of debris. If a supply line is leaking, shut the valve off and then call us. If the valve itself is leaking, put a pot of pan under the leak and call us immediately

Garbage Disposal

A disposal will work for some time maintenance free. Foreign objects are the leading cause of damage; if we find bottle caps, glass, etc. in the disposal you will be charged for the repair. When putting scraps into the disposal, always turn on the water first, then turn on the disposal and slowly feed the scraps into the disposal. Do not load the scraps into the disposal and then turn it on, it will clog up the disposal. If the disposal jams up, use a butter knife to push the scraps through the drain hole clockwise. Also try the reset button on the bottom of the disposal and make sure you have the water running.


Before using, make sure all dishes are rinsed well. If you leave large pieces of food on the dishes, the pump can wear out and cause the drain to back up. This causes water to drain onto the floor. Only use soap specifically made for dishwashers. Regular dish soap foams and will overflow out of the dishwasher. If you have a chronic leak, call the office immediately and always wipe up the water with towels.

Shower Drain: Clogs

The biggest problem is hair clogging the pipe. Always use a strainer over the drain or clean the drain of hair regularly. If there is a faucet leak call us immediately. Use a good shower curtain to prevent water damage around the outside of the tub. Try draino or liquid plumber when your drains are slow.


There is not much that goes wrong with toilets. The main concern is foreign objects being flushed and lodging in the pipes. There is a resident charge for calls where anything is found. Always use a plunger before calling us if your toilet is clogged. Tampons tend to clog the toilets the most. Even tampons that claim to be flushable can clog older pipes, and this will be a resident charge. If your toilet is making strange noises or is leaking call us immediately.

Frozen Pipes

On occasion we do get below freezing weather. It is a good idea to leave a faucet running very low to keep the water moving through the pipes so that they will not freeze. Call us right away if there seems to be a problem. Tenants are responsible for keeping cabinets open and faucets dripping to prevent pipes from freezing during cold weather.

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