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Mid-Lease Move Out & Subleasing


Stewardship Properties does not allow residents to break their leases. However, as written in your lease, you are welcome to move out at any time during your lease period as long as you find a sub-letter. It is important to note that your responsibility of the lease will not be relinquished until the expiration of your lease. You MUST inform our office in writing that you are looking for a sub-letter. If you have any roommates, they will also need to put in writing that they agree to the sublease.

Stewardship must receive the completed sublet form from resident and permission from roommates before the sublet will be processed.

1. The current resident is responsible for finding his/her own sublet, including the advertising and showing of the property.
2. All roommates must email Stewardship with permission to allow sublet
3. All interested applicants must fill out an online application and meet the same requirements as the original resident.
4. Stewardship will process the first approved set of applications that tenant has shown property.
5. The $250.00 sublet fee is due before Stewardship Properties will process the applications.
6. Once approved, the current resident must coordinate and schedule with both the subletter and Stewardship Properties to sign documents together. (If the subletter is out of town, documents can be emailed).
7. The deposit stays with the property and will be returned to the current house manager. The current resident and subletter must work out any deposit arrangements.
8. The current tenant will remain on the lease for the duration; the current tenant, subletter and co-signer will be held responsible if there is a balance due at move out.

It is the responsibility of the current resident/subletter to ensure all steps have been finalized prior to paperwork signing. Stewardship is not responsible with trying to gather information from the current resident and the new prospective tenant. We will answer questions and provide necessary information but will not make multiple requests in order to process the request.

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