Mid-Lease Move Out & Subleasing

Stewardship Properties does not allow residents to break their leases. However, as written in your lease, you are welcome to move out at any time during your lease period as long as you find a sub-letter. It is important to note that your responsibility of the lease will not be relinquished until the expiration of your lease. You MUST inform our office in writing that you are looking for a sub-letter. If you have any roommates, they will also need to put in writing that they agree to the sublease.


Have any interested renter fill out an application and submit it to our office for approval.


It will take two to three days to get back to you and your potential resident so please plan in advance.


The resident looking for a sub-letter is responsible for coordinating and showing the property with any potential applicants.

Lease Signing:

Once approved, a subletting agreement form will be signed by both parties and a $100 lease revision fee will be due to our office.


Any deposits will stay with the property until the property is vacated by all parties and Stewardship is able to do any cleaning and repairs that are needed. At that point, Stewardship will return the remaining deposit to the CURRENT House Manager. The House Manager can then distribute the refund to any other parties. This makes it your responsibility to collect a deposit from the new residents and sign your deposit, which is being held by Stewardship, over to the new resident to be returned to them after the lease end date. If you occupy a house it is good to remember the entire deposit will be returned to the house manager so you will want to make sure they will distribute it equally to the rest of the residents.

Remember, you are still on the lease. You and the new resident will be held equally responsibile for any balance due. A balance due could include unpaid rent, or cost of damages exceeding the deposit. This means if any balance owed is left unpaid, all names on the lease will be held financially responsible.

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