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Move Out Instructions

Remove all personal belongings and furniture. All items left behind will be removed and you will be charged hauling/dumping fees.

Clean house thoroughly. Guidelines are as follows:


Vacuum all carpet areas. Sweep floors. Wet mop all linoleum floors with a cleaning and deodorizing substance and rinse clean.


Clean thoroughly and rinse well. Use an old toothbrush to remove grime from around sink edge.

Tubs and Showers:

Clean tile and remove all mildew and soap scum. (Tilex soap scum remover also removes soap build-up on shower walls). DO NOT use abrasives on acrylic showers.


Clean inside and outside (this includes underneath the bowl) with an abrasive cleanser or a toilet bowl cleaner and disinfectant then rinse thoroughly.

Stoves and Ovens:

Spray the oven with an oven cleaner (follow cleaning instructions on can, if self-cleaning oven, follow the directions in oven) Also remove and spray all racks, drip pans and broiler pan. Clean beneath pans, as well as all exterior surfaces of the stove, including burner rings and sides of oven.


Wipe front of cupboards and inside/outside of drawers and shelves. Make sure to clean crumbs off of cutting board if applicable.


Remove all food from freezer and fridge. Wipe interior/exterior. Remove internal shelves and drawers and wash separately.


Remove any pins, nails or screws. Clean dirt, fingerprints; scuff marks, etc. off of all walls and doors. Use a cleaner with bleach to remove difficult stains.


Clean inside window tracks (toothbrushes are great) and wipe inside of windows with Windex. Wipe down mini-blinds.


(if applicable) remove all ashes and debris out of fireplace. Make sure hearth is clean.


Replace all burnt out light bulbs including appliance lights. These are very inexpensive for you to replace, however you will be charged $5.00 per light if we have our maintenance staff replace them after you move.

All keys must be returned by midnight on the last day of your lease. If keys are not returned an $80/lock charge will be taken out of your security deposit for re-keying the property. If you have a parking pass that must be returned with the keys or there is a $40 fine, and you will continue to be charged for the pass each month until we receive your pass.

Please make sure to turn in a forwarding address to the office. This will be the address that your deposit will be sent to. This does not forward your mail, to do so you must fill out a forwarding address form at the post office.

Also, make sure to turn OFF any auto payments on your online account.

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All the best in settling into your new home!